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L.A. Eyeworks

L.A. Eyeworks

The most thorough eye examination I have ever had.  Its evident she truly loves what she does.   I have never felt as if I were in better hands than when I was treated by Doctor Kanevsky.  She is an excellent OD and a wonderful person.
— Joseph C.
My teenage son was a nightmare getting used to contact lenses. Dr Kanevsky was beyond patient and supportive. I cannot recommend her/Acuity enough.
— Lauren S.
Dr. Kanevsky has served the Upper West Side community for many years and she is a superb optometrist. She is professional, knowledgeable, thorough and caring. I have found Dr. Kavensky to be particularly good with examining and treating children.
— New Y.
D. Kanevsky is a an amazing physician! She is so precise and careful. I would recommend this doctor to anyone and everyone!
— Anonymous, Healthgrades
I recently bought frames at Acuity and Rachel was a wonderful resource. She was professional, helpful, not pushy in the slightest, and has an elegant spirit. A totally refreshing experience.
— David B.
This place is great and the people are so kind and accommodating. Brought in broken glasses and they fixed them within a day. Came in to pick them up, and they didn’t charge me! Highly recommend.
— Laura P.
She is awesome. I went to her on a recommendation of an ophthalmologist for my son’s contacts. She is thorough and makes everyone feel like they are her only patient. I will not go to another ever again.
— Defero N.
Dr. Kanesky and her staff are fantastic! I have a difficult prescription and had given up on contacts, but Dr. Kanesky refitted me to perfection. I had an eye problem and she returned my call to advise me — over the weekend when she was out of town. (I thought care like that had gone out of fashion!) Highly recommended!
— Anne N.
Bevel Spectacles

Bevel Spectacles

I recently bought frames at Acuity and Rachel was a wonderful resource. She was professional, helpful, not pushy in the slightest, and has an elegant spirit. A totally refreshing experience.”
— Hope K.
Dr. Kanevsky gets the Emmy Award for an amazing optometrist. I’ve been taking my son to her since age 5 (he’s now 11). She also conducted an eye exam on my daughter before age one to ensure all was well. I can still remember my first visit to her office. She’s smart, kind, witty, thorough, and yes she knows eyes. She knows how to put children at ease and answer their questions while helping them understand why their prescription changes. Dr. Kanevksy sets the standards on how to conduct an eye exam. My son’s last exam was done at a vision store near our home and I was very dissatisfied. Dr. Kanevsky’s expert examination stays with you and I promise you, it’s NYC eye exams at its finest. I had to pay out of pocket, but it’s okay, you should! When it comes to your eyes and the eyes of your children, find the bucks, you won’t be disappointed, you’ll leave happy and confident, that Dr. Kanevsky and Acuity eye has taken care of your visual gems. Dr. Kanevsky is my gem.
— Bernadette H.
Excellent doctor, warm and caring, top specialist in infant contact lenses. Superb experience!
— Lefkowitz
I just randomly wandered into this tiny shop, and asked the nice optometrist on duty if she would adjust my glasses, even though I hadn’t bought them there - I’d bought them at the Oliver Peoples shop on Madison Ave., and they still hurt even after I’d been back twice to have them readjusted. This lady took one look at them, adjusted them exactly once, and they were instantly perfect. Then I looked around the shop and saw that, even though the selection was small, there were quite a number of pairs I wanted to try on - whoever picked the selection of frames here has amazing taste. High-end and middle-high-end, some really funky and cute selections.
Now I’m wondering if I can afford to buy a second pair of glasses this year even though my insurance won’t cover it. Anyhow, this is a nice shop and deserves your support!
— Susan B.
Zoobug Kids

Zoobug Kids

This is THE place to go, so you can stop looking around.  I’ve been going to Dr. Kanevsky for years and she’s fantastic.  Her colleagues are also superb. Doug is great at fitting glasses and super nice - always willing to make an adjustment if you’re just walking by the office. And Rachel is also great. I’ve recently brought my kids here as well. Dr. Kanevsky’s bedside manner cannot be beat.  For her first contact lens fitting, my daughter had lots of trouble getting them in her eyes the first time. Dr. Kanevsky and Rachel could not have been more patient and caring. Just a great office for the entire family.
— Scott G.
Dr. K and her staff are always attentive, caring, thorough. I have recommended to many family and friends and will continue to do so. Terrific care and also a beautiful office!
— L. Davis
This office is absolutely amazing. The Doctor has one of the best bedside manners I have ever experienced. I highly recommend going here for all your eye treatment needs.

She helped my 6 year immensely. My daughter was diagnosed with an eye issue at school. We came in, she did an exam, put us at ease and got us on a treatment plan, which lasted 6 months.

She was very creative with compliance and figuring out the best way to get my daughter to adhere to wearing her eye patch.
— Hill C.
This place is beyond excellent, it was recommended to us by our ophthalmologist for our Little One glasses and they have exceeded our expectations in every aspect, the doctor is amazing, the service is extraordinary, the place is impeccable, the glasses and choices are superb, we have to go back often for adjustments due to a very active kid and they always have a smile in their faces and know very well how to manage kids, just today we had to make a quick stop and it felt so nice to be able to relay in Acuity, we recommend this place 100%!!!!
— Patricia R.