VOSH-NY Mission to Peru 2015


Dr. Kanevsky and Doug Dinger are back in New York, after a successful trip to the barriadas around Lima, Peru. 

Joined by a team of two optometrists, one retinologist, two cataract surgeons, one dentist, five american students and a local group of volunteers, we ran a three day eye and dental clinic at a community center in one of the poorest areas of Peru. Each day, close to 500 patients were examined.  Most received sunglasses (donated by Bevel Spectacles) to protect them from the ravages of the Peruvian sun and dry wind, and many received prescription glasses (donated by our patients and team of volunteers). With the help of donations from Alcon, Allergan and B+L pharmaceuticals, we were able to treat pterygia, devastating ulcers and infections, glaucoma, allergies, and remove blinding cataracts. 

On the second day, we borrowed two optometry students and led an away team to an outlying orphanage. Unfortunately, political unrest and guerrilla warfare leave many children orphaned in Peru. This particular group of 250 girls were housed and cared for by Franciscan nuns. All were examined and Dr. Kanevsky is pleased to report that the new hand-held microscope she purchased for this mission and for use with infants and patients with mobility problems, helped her to remove several foreign bodies, and to diagnose and treat an infectious ulcer in a seven year old girl which, untreated, would have caused her to lose an otherwise perfectly healthy eye.

The young ladies needing correction were fitted for pretty glasses (all new and fashionable frames donated by Bevel) which we brought back to NY. Doug is now quite busy edging prescription lenses (donated by Acuity NYC) and the package is due to be sent back to the orphanage shortly for distribution to the girls. 

On day four, part of the group was flown by military helicopters into the jungles near Cusco where an additional 1000 patients were examined and treated. 

Tired but happy, we are back at work on the Upper West Side with a renewed appreciation for all of our privileges and gifts.